HUMOG 150 I.U. • Human Menopausal Gonadotropin


HUMOG 150 is mainly used by doctors and physicians to treat male and female infertility. It is also used to treat male hypogonadism.

Human Menopausal Gonadotropin Injection
hMG brands: Menopur, Repronex
HUMOG manufactured in India by:
Category: Gonadotropins
Presentation: 150 IU vial
Each vial of HUMOG is accompanied by an ampoule containing 1ml of Sodium Chloride Injection I.P.



HUMOG 150 I.U. Injections are utilized in the treatment of infertility in females. It is likewise useful within the treatment of male hypogonadism (postponed adolescence, and low sperm count). It works in infertility, by discharging the eggs from the ovaries in females and by stimulating the increase of natural Testosterone levels within males.

Fertility Medications are a regular and normal part of infertility treatments and the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. These medications are used to prepare the body for treatment and to increase the probability that healthier eggs are released from the female’s ovaries. hMG is a medication that is composed of FSH, with LH, and is used for stimulation of egg development in female’s who do not ovulate spontaneously, who ovulate extremely irregularly, or to increase the number of eggs developed in a single cycle within women who already ovulate.

Dosages: HUMOG is typically taken after Clomiphene, which is the first go-to drug recommended for the treatment of infertility. HMG is taken alongside hCG, which will help with the release of the egg, along with the production of the needed hormones within a female’s body. This is to be able to protect, develop and prepare the egg once fertilised to be lined and attach to the ovary wall within this process. The dosage of hMG varies between different individuals. This is why you should access your tolerance levels to this drug at a lower dosage to make sure you do not encounter any unwanted side effects associated with hMG.

For male’s using HUMOG to regain their fertility and increase their sperm count, it is recommended to take hMG along-side hCG. 1500iu or hCG along with 75iu of hMG three times weekly is advised for the peak in sperm count levels. Once the ovulation process takes place within the female, it is recommended to have regular intercourse within the first 36 hours for the best chance of fertilisation to take place. If this does not happen, do not be disheartened, this process can be completed within the next month’s cycle. Although hMG is not known to cause any major side effect with prolonged periods if used, with hCG it is recommended to only take it in 3-week cycles at the high 1500iu dosage. If taken for long periods of time this can damage the negative feedback loop that is needed within the normal functions of the body to keep the natural hormones in-balance.

Side Effects: The most widely recognized symptoms of this medicine include; migraine, infusion site torment, injection site unfavourably susceptible response, stomach expanding or torment. In the event that any of these symptoms occur or seem recognisable. Please let your primary care physician know. There might be methods for decreasing or forestalling these side effects.

For males, these include; skin break outs, perspiring, developing of the voice, discombobulation, pelvic torment, black outs, stomach torment, and regurgitating. If any of these symptoms occur, please stop the use of HUMOG and consult with your physician to make sure that if it safe for the continued use of this medication once the side effects subside.

Prior to taking this medicine, check with your physician to make sure that there is no chance that you have a coronary illness, have ovarian blisters or have any thyroid gland issue. Tell your primary care physician if on the off chance that you fall pregnant while consuming this medication. While consuming these types of medications, you must maintain a strategic distance from liquor or other drugs that may interact with hMG.